Coventry Telegraph Newspaper – WWII BOMB FOUND IN GARAGE

This was a morning storie that had come in so we had to be quick to get it. On the job to get the storie was me, the reporter Tina Juday and Mark Radford the photographer. There was a live bomb that was found in a garage in Coventry and it was a old fire bomb. At first it was a lot of waiting as they had to wait for the bomb disposal team to get there, it was actually found y two removal men as they were removing items from a house of an old lady that died for the new home owners to come in that day. I got a shot of the house and I did like this shot as it shows the road name of where the house is.  Because you could get near to what was going on and the bomb disposal army men so I had to use my 300 lens and I did get some fantastic shots from so far back and they actually made the front page which I was very proud of. Me and the reporter Tina then went around the house to go and ask people what they think about the bomb that was in the garage, this was kind of like a voxpop, capturing close up of their faces. Also because they had not been notified it was nice to capture their reactions as Tina discussed the bomb with them. I also did a close up of the man and it was his house and he had no idea about the bomb. It was really nice to see my name on front page and also it was nice to get a storie like that one,  very exciting.  My favourite photograph is the back of the army man as he closes the back of the van door, the sun outlines the outside of his left side of his body and it really adds effect to the photograph.


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