Coventry Telegraph Newspaper – Ghost Town

This was an article about Coventry City Centre and how the City is getting even more like a ghost town as we are in the recession and all of the stores around the City Centre are closing down. For this storie I went out with reporter Sam Dimmer. The first thing when we went out was I photographed the stores around the City that had closed, I took a photograph of the Allied Carpet Store,  the two stores that are shuttered down and have to let on them and also a close up of the poster in the window of  a closed Waterstones store. When going out and doing these photographs it does make you realise how the world is changing. We then went and did voxpop of  6 different people to see what they think of how all the shops are closing down in Coventry and also where they are most likely to shop and the results turned out that Coventry is not one of the most places that these people shop. I was really happy with the photographs from the voxpop but the photographs of the shops I wish that I had of done long exposures so that it did go with the title, to make the photographs look more of the ghost town, having the empty shops and signs in focus and then the people as they walked past blurred from the movement but to be honest there was not a lot of people at the time.


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