Coventry Telegraph Newspaper: Council should be helping people to party

This kind of article is called a voxpop, for this kind of article it is to see what the people think, to ask them and to see what their respose is to something that is going on in the news or something in Coventry. Here we went out and asked people what they think about the royal wedding and whether the council should be helping to get people in the party mood and to celebrate the royal wedding. It was a chance to see who was celebrating and what people will actually be doing on the day of the weddding. For voxpop you have to capture photographs of people as they chat to the reporter, these photographs have to be head shots but they can not be looking at you right in to the camera. I did think that this was different and it is something that I like photograph, I just love seeing the different movements of different peoples faces when I have captured them. I have found that some reporters do it differently about the photography part as people think oh no we don’t want a photograph in the paper. Some reporters ask before seeing their views, the photographer asks first and some reporters try and get the talker to get in to the conversation first and then ask for the photograph. I do feel that I have to ask each of the reporters what they prefer to do, because they know the way how they get their speakers.


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