Coventry Telegraph Newspaper: Cab advice service hangs in balance

This was a protest that was going on and it was to gain to let people know about what is happening and how the council are going to close the citizen advice bureu office, this is a place where people go for help and guidance. Their aim was also to get as many signatures that they can to try and keep the office open. I went with the photographer Lee Bubsy and he learnt me about how you have to have the crowd under control, to shout to people to get in to the postions that they were told for the photograph. When I turned up there it was packed with people and I did think well where would I start with positioning people, but it is all about crowd control when you have a lot of people to get in the photograph. I watched Lee to see his technques. I then stayed there with the reporter to capture some more photograph. I then went back to the office to show Lee what kind of photographs that I had got and he really like them especially how people are not focusing on me but they are shouting to let people know whatnis happening and how they call for more support.


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