Coventry Telegraph Newspaper: Taxi Strike

The taxis were on strike in Coventry City Centre and I was sent out on a task to go and find some taxis with signs on as the strikes were going on for a few weeks so they needed images that they could resuse over the weeks in the newspaper. I did find it hard when I was out looking for taxis, then I found them. I had 20 minutes to get a few images. I did find some taxis but all the taxis all seemed the same from the photographs that I had seen on the system in the office, I decided to get photographs of taxi drivers but instead I found the guy that owns Central taxis and his name is Ku Marverma, he helped me and let me have the sign and I moved it around one of his cabs. In the photograph the boss does look strong and has an anger look expression as I told him to act how he feels right now. When I got back to the office I did really not like the images as I felt I did not come back with strong results than what I had wanted. To my shock with out them telling me my photograph was nearly on a full page and it really made me happy,  I actually loved the photograph more and more once I had seen it published as my work was obviously liked.


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