Coventry Telegraph Newspaper: Egyption exhibition at the Herbert Art Galley

This is an interesting job to go to, this was what I like about doing photography for a newspaper is that you get to photoraph the sad things that are happening aswell as shows that are taking place. The Egyption exhibition was a big part of Coventry and especially the Herbert as it was having rare ornaments brought in from around the UK that were thousands of years old, from the Egyption world. Photographing the pieces that were on show for the exhibition was quite strict because there are some that are so sensitive as they are carried with gloves and also because if there was a piece from another Art Gallery then you had to be carefull as they may not want it published, we had a lady come around with us called Lucy to tell us what is ok to photograph. With exhibitions you do have to be carefull and they are stricts because the value of these accient pieces. When we was out on the job there was a photographer from The Coventry Observer Newspaper so we had to make sure that we did not have the same images. I really like working with Joe, for these shots he used a range of different lighting and I was his assistant with the flash, what I like is also that he was using the spot lights in the exhibition room, he really captures the people that work at the museum as they really look like they are exploring the pieces with interest in the photographs that he had captured. It was nice that he showed the workers in the piece that made the exhibition and spent their time in to it and that we captured the pieces of the accient Eygpt really well. He also got me to go around and write down each name of the exhibition pieces, it was my job to make sure I had wrote them out clearly so that joe could understand my own writing and also that I made the description clear to show which text went with which photograph as he was sending the photographs from home as he had a lot of jobs on that were on the other side of coventry. This was the first time that I had been to an exhibition to advertise it and I really enjoyed it so much.


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