Coventry Telegraph Newspaper: City lineswoman Sian

This was the first job that I went on with the reporter Martin Bagot and photographer Joe Bailey. This was a storie that the paper wanted to do as this was hot on the news and all the newspapers including national newspapers and also tv reporters want to get the storie from Sian. Sian is an FA lineswoman had sexist remarks made about her behind her back and these sexist remarks came from Richard Keys and Andy Burton who are tv reporters, these remarks went live. It was a big issue because she was part of the FA and even though she is young and still in her steps of her career this could make her really big as she is now noticied in the public. The Coventry Telegraph had met Sian before as they had done a few stories on her, so they did have her number aswell as her address to where she lived, when we got there the tv reporters, journalists and photographers were all dotted around her house. Joe and Martin did feel that nothing would be said as she is part of the FA so she has to watch what she says as it could turn out the wrong way for her. She teaches at a school in Longford so we do go there and not a lot of people know what she works there as a second job. We did get to speak with the head teacher but that day it was not possible to talk to Sian. Joe and Martin said if they could get the storie it then could make themeselves well known as it is big at the time. I did find it exciting trying to find Sian to see if we could get an interview but there was no chance in getting an interview with her.


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