Professional Experience Proposal

To be honest I have found it hard getting work with other photographers and especially studio as it feels they do not want to help students that want to gain experience. I have contacted photographer that work for newspapers and magazines and I found that they were very helpful and they are still asking around their contacts.

I am going to a nursery to photograph the children as they work for the parents of the children, I have the permission. I then am going to photograph the childen with their parents, this is when they attend the after school activities. These photographs will be for the Nusery to use aswell as the parents to keep.

I will be going to get some help finally from the Coventry Telegraph after contacting them so much. I have been invitied Thursday 13 January 2011, I wont know until the evening what I will be doing with the newspaper photographer over the next few months or days throughout the professional experience.

I am still waiting to hear from the Observer in Birmingham, they are still asking around the offices and hopefully their will be some work to do with a photographer from there.

I will also be going to a studio to work with a photographer based in Coventry. I should be working with this photographer outside and also in the studio

I will also be going to London to do some work for a Drag Queen that I used for a project, while down there I will gain more contacts and more shoots.

Also I will be working with different models to help them build their portfolio for their modelling, for this I will be working from home from the studio I have set up or at the models location.

I am still looking as I have found it hard getting photographers just to offer one day to work along side them, but I will keep looking. I have two quite well known photographers that I am emailing so often and they are getting back to me with contacts, these photographers are Karen Strunks from Birmingham and Kirstin Sinclair based in London.


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