Swot Analysis

Strenth, Opportunities & Threats


* Good communication with others
* Working with others in a team and also on my own intiative
* Always have new ideas for my own work and also to work with other people
* I keep going to achive what I want to achive
* Good qualifications
* Very organised
* Good at Multi-tasking


* Public speaking to a large audience
* I can let stress get the better of me when in an written examination
* I sometimes do not stick to everything on my to do list
* I find I can try and cut things out of my work, sometimes this works better but sometimes it doesn’t


* I have had some great response from photographers and hopefully working with them

* I am going to be working along side a school, working with children and also after school working with the parents and their children

* Looking forward to working with models to expand their portfolio

* Doing a project with a young woman that has an interesting storie about herself and I feel this project reflects the nude work I will be looking at over the next few weeks from the lectures at University.


* I have found that alot of photographers do not have the time to help students or they feel they can’t help with work experience, especially alot of studios that I have asked.

* The career I want to go in is competitive but you just have to keep going.


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