250 MC Research: Erin and her transgender life

A documentary about what it’s like to be transgender. The documentary covers what it’s like to grow up in the wrong gender and eventually transition. It also discusses the youtube transgender community and how that has affected my life in a positive way.

I found after watching all of these videos it relates to my subject that I am photographing for my project as I will be telling the secret life of a crossdresser but this man hides it as a secret, he will be opening up to me on his past, the life that he has had. Erin relates with that as she opens up to feelings that he has felt, family problems and the life that he has had but his secret and the confession of his life he only likes to tell online when he produces his videos as he feels it is not something you can just tell people. From watching the videos I think that my project and the guy I will be photographing there will be alot more feelings than Erin has right now as I will be photographing a man that has felt the feeling he has wanted to be a woman for many many years, I think the stories he will tell me will be very emotional and upseting to hear, but I really want to know exactly what he has felt.


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