250MC Research: Anni Leppälä

My interest towards photography is closely related to time in the past tense, to the possibility of being able to make a moment motionless, to make something stand still. That something has existed, and has now been set in static state. There is a certain aspect of lost moments and a feeling of letting go when looking at photographs. They exist at the intersection of the momentary and the constant, between the fleeting feeling of being alive and consciousness of the moments passing by.

In my pictures, attempts in recognising and lighting of obscure and vague movements, are made visible. I want to approach the momentariness of living through constancy. The paradox is that when you try to conserve or protect a moment by stopping it, by photographing it, you inevitably lose it at the same time. I am interested in exploring these contradictions and borderlines between things, how distance relates to closeness.

Symbolic meanings are essential in my works. I am interested in how the concrete surface of reality and photographs relate to metaphorical things that can be found underneath. I try to trace those kinds of occasions of seeing when words dissolve and scatter apart, objects and incidents intensify into symbolic language, silent information and intuitive interpretation. What fills the room behind the picture, allows one to step closer. Thoughts of incompleteness and insecurity are also important to my works.

Objects and spaces can occur to be like transparent routes between the inside and the outside, between the seen surface and unconscious content. Museums and miniature rooms become entrances to each other. Balance and its fragility, delicacy are present simultaneously.

How to stop a feeling, a memory? By binding it to visible objects, facades of material things, attaching it to a room´s walls, the surface of photographs. Like translucent skin with unforeseen memories beneath.

The photographs look emotional as the people that have been photographed are not captured looking straight in to the camera, there is a sense of lost, feeling of emotion and hurt. The time stops and the memorys go through the mind, you cant tell what these people are feeling but the way that there is no direct look to the camera, there is feel of sadness and it adds dullness to the feel of these photographs as these people look like they are lost in hurt.
The style of the photographs is similar to Jeff Sheng that I have shown in my research as he photographs people as they look away from the camera, you cant feel the emotion that they are feeling as you can not see their expression but you know they cant show their real identity because for some it is a hidden secret that they are gay, lesbian or bi sexual and they feel they cant let others know, as they look away to not showing their face you know there is hurt and emotion straight away, it makes the photograph feel very sad to me but it lets you want to find out more.


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