250MC Research: Brett Lloyds book The Quieter Poster Boys

The book called The Quieter Poster Boys by Brett Lloyd I find the images have emotion holding in with in these boys in each photograph, the book captures 15 portrait images on the boys that is in the style of posters that would go on bedroom walls. Brett Lloyd got these contacts through the network myspace and met with each lad while travelling through Europe, each person he meets, each of the portrait photographs tell a storie as it documents the lads, he feels there is an instant connection and friendships have built from just capturing each of the guys. Capturing the guys as he documents each one in just one final portrait photograph, the look in their face looks so confident but also like there is a hidden feeling, a feeling of sadness from the expression each guy gives. Brett Lloyd says that each guy gave their soul in each photograph so basically they show all the feeling and all the emotion in each photograph.

I find that this book and the images do kind of link to my own project I will be doing as I will be going in to the subjects home, I have built a friendship with this person and the further shoot I tell a storie, the life of this person and the feelings this person has. When looking at these images it makes me feel like I would like to get to know these guys to know exactly the way in which they feel as each character shows a different look of emotion but they stand in confidence.


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