250 MC Research: Danielle Levitt

I have been looking at Danielle Levitt as I find that her work is similar to my own as I enjoy photographing transgenders but her work is at a different age as she photographs the younger generation, teenagers and I have only photographed as young as early 20’s but I am photographing the older generation and the feelings that the teenagers have told Danielle on the online video make me known to these feelings from a older transgender that I am photographing for my next project as the photographs will reflect his memories and feelings of what he has experienced over the years and these teenager are what he has exactly felt but they are much stronger to them as this is the new experience for them, the feelings, and also what others think aswell as families and their confession to who they really want to be and change to be. I like how in the photographs that Danielle has captured how these teenagers look strong but really there are hidden feelings of hurt and you can tell this from the videos in which the feelings come out and what they have gone through.

The work of this photography called are you experienced is published in the magazine Dazed and Confused, I am very happy that this style of photograph is shown in the well known magazine as it is making people aware of others and how they feel because they just want to be, also it is an interesting article as it is not something that you would see in any magazine. I have alot of respect for Dazed and Confused for publishing this, it makes the issue more open and especially that may be unsure of who they are, or even if they feel they can’t be the person they want to be as the article may give them the confidence to change they in which they would love to look and change their genders.


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