Extra ciriculum

My main interest is photograph, I used to be part of a photography group when living in Birmingham and now I live in Coventry I could like to find a society to photography. I have always been interested in dancing and I am looking to do singing lessons again as I used to be an opera singer, When I was younger I was on trouble channel as I did a dance duet thing with MC Harvery from so solid group. I would like to also get back in to modelling as I did it for three years and I was on the programme waterloo road, I found the modelling urged me to do more photography, a stronger urge.

Most of my days now I do chefing for an M&B sizzling pub, I love working there as everyone is great and I enjoy my job, the thing I hate about it is how I can touch the steaks as they are dreanched in blood, but I just get on with it.


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