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John Goldblatt at Bridget Rileys exhibition

May 19, 2010

John Goldblatt’s work was at the back of the exhibition and I loved his photographs that he took of Bridget Riley as I love her work and combined with his photograph, portraying herself and her work looks amazing. I am definetly going to look more in to John Goldblatt work after seeing his work at Bridget Rileys exhibiton.


Interview with Drag Queen Veuvette at the location The Village, Hurst Street Birmingham

May 16, 2010

I went to The Village Inn night club bar on a search for a drag queen to organise an interview. I wanted to do this interview as drag queens are rarely seen, especially in the streets, I also enjoyed doing the last work where I captured three drag queens and got some fantastic shots. I love how drag queens express their talent and they are so confidence and I have got to say they interest me to further this style in my work, they put so much effort in to the way they dress, they are glamourous women and they do look like real women, which is fascinating to see especially in a photograph. I went on a Wednesday night and asked the security guard at The Village if there was any Drag Queens about that I could talk to and he introduced me to Veuvette (Keith Newman), at this time Keith was not in drag, he was so welcoming and good to talk to. I went back the next night as Keith said he would feel better if dressed in Drag as his character Veuvette, also he said it would be more realistic then. The next night I went back to The Village and interviewed Veuvette, the interview turned out fantastic and he gave me honest answers with a good response to each one. I got my friend Steve to do the interviewing as I could concentrate on filming the interview to get decent snap shots from the video I had done, the shots look really good as there is a change of the lighting in the interview which looks fantastic on Veuvette and also Steve. I definetly want to work with Veuvette again soon and hopefully something will be arranged, also if it werent for Veuvette there would not be a gay pride event in Birmingham as this fantastic act runs it all, and I have got to say I really enjoyed Veuvettes show at The Village Inn that night, if you have the chance you should go and check her out.

Interview with Drag Queen

Steve (interviewer) : And tonight we are at the Village Inn on Hurst Street in Birmingham, talking to evette whos a drag queen and a host here and performs on stage. I’ve got a few questions to ask evette, erm first of all I am going to ask how would you catergorize your act?

Veuvette (drag queen) : Ok well I would like to catergorize myself as a Dragable trade master of mind erm as a drag queen host.

Steve (interviewer) : When did you start the Drag Artist?

Veuvette (drag queen) : I started roughly about 10 years ago and a very good friend of mine that used to live in Gran Canaria had his own show over there which was also called divine, he let me join the show and taught me how to do mine and do the dance rountines.

Steve (interviewer) : How did your personal life influence your act?

Veuvette (drag queen) : Right well my personal life doesn’t influence my act but my act influences my personal life.

Steve (interviewer) : Well how does your act influence your personal life?

Veuvette (drag queen) : Erm well being a drag queen in the gay scene in Birmingham it is very difficult for me to feel within partners, erm becauce part of my job is go be funny, to be humourous and glamourous and theres not many partners that can handle that to be quite honest with that and you will tend to find there is a lot of drag queens out there that are single.

Steve (interviewer) : Is it the long hours or is it to with the personality of the act as its more outrageous and rare?

Veuvette (drag queen) : I think its to do with very out loud personality aswell as the late hours its all dragged in to strain of work and its all on the night not during the day.

Steve (interviewer) : Sociable hours?

Veuvette (drag queen) : Well you will find theres not many drag queens are on in the day, no.

Steve (interviewer) : Next question, Have you ever had any bad experiences performing?

Veuvette (drag queen) : I’ve had a few costume and wig dramas from just going on to stage, a ladder in the tights or a zip broken just as I am about to go on, or I go on to the stage and I have caught my wig and its come flying off, well that works quite well for my show as comedy comes in, and it always works well as part of the show.

Steve (interviewer) : So theres no determination problems when you go on then?

Veuvette (drag queen) : No, you just go on and do it, you just get on with it.

Steve (interviewer) : How does your character differ on stage to your every day life and not in drag?

Veuvette (drag queen) : My character is very very different as for evette I am very outgoing, I talk to everybody, I’m very humourous where as when I’m not in drag I am very quiet and preserved, I am very shy, also.

Steve (interviewer) : It allows you to do your extra work

Veuvette (drag queen) : Yes

Steve (interviewer) : Do you change your character and your performance on stage?

Veuvette (drag queen) : If I am doing host work as Veuvette, no as its just one character and I’m just evette. If I am doing my show then I have a lot of characters to fit in with what particular thing I am doing for that show, it depends what I’m doing.

Steve (interviewer) : Do you think the media should represent drag artists more?

Veuvette ( drag queen) : Well you tend to find media as in gay magazines and gay publications to find entertainers and where to book them. In the sense of national newspapers and things like that I don’t really think the public would react to that to well.

Steve (interviewer) : What are your influences as a drag artist?

Veuvette (drag queen) : Mainly it would have to be RuPaul shes like the queen of all drag queens shes stunning and beautiful.

Steve (interviewer) : Do you feel you could be your drag personality in public?

Veuvette (drag queen) : I could pending on what I was doing and where I was going

Steve (interviewer) : So in public in the gay scene it would be reasonably acceptable. On a non gay environment depending on where it is and not in the gay scene.

Veuvette (drag queen) : I don’t think it would go down to well.

Steve (interviewer) : In tescos on a Saturday lunch time dressed as you are at the moment?

Veuvette (drag queen) : Only in there for a loaf of bread and a pint of milk maybe.

Steve (interviewer) : You would win up to much attention.

Veuvette (drag queen) : or 6 eggs, or lets not.

Steve (interviewer) : Well it was really nice talking to you tonight evette and we will hopefully see your act somepoint tonight

Veuvette (drag queen) : Thanks for coming down.


Extra ciriculum

May 9, 2010

My main interest is photograph, I used to be part of a photography group when living in Birmingham and now I live in Coventry I could like to find a society to photography. I have always been interested in dancing and I am looking to do singing lessons again as I used to be an opera singer, When I was younger I was on trouble channel as I did a dance duet thing with MC Harvery from so solid group. I would like to also get back in to modelling as I did it for three years and I was on the programme waterloo road, I found the modelling urged me to do more photography, a stronger urge.

Most of my days now I do chefing for an M&B sizzling pub, I love working there as everyone is great and I enjoy my job, the thing I hate about it is how I can touch the steaks as they are dreanched in blood, but I just get on with it.