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Task A Second outing: Location Angels bar in Birmingham, crossdressers beauty pagent.

January 7, 2010

This was the second outing for my project and this was definetly an outing I was exactly looking for and these were drag queens and cross dressers that showed full confidence and there was a variety of different looks and they all looked so glamourous and know exactly what they are doing as they dressed, they look so much like women and I admire these men for that. I actually got invitied by baga chipz aka Nicole aka Leo Loren as he was taking part in the beauty pagent, he said it would be what I was looking to photograph and it certainly was. I got to meet Raven and Miss Diva again which was really nice, I stayed with raven most of the night was Baga chipz was getting ready for the pagent but I got some great photographs of baga chipz and also the other cross dressers, I even spoke to quite a few of them and exchang


Task A: Cutural and social project, drag queens and cross dressers.

January 7, 2010

For my project for task A I decided to do the cultural and social environment of drag queens and cross dressers. At first I did find this project hard because there is alot of drag queens and cross dressers that don’t want to be photographed or they will only do it for money because of them putting all the effort in to dressing up. I wanted to find cross dressers though that liked the camera and show that they feel comfortable in how they have changed their sex change in their appearance. I went to the village in Birmingham and I met three fantastic cross dressers and these people were called Raven, Baga chipz aka Nicole and Miss Diva, I was so happy to have found them as I got some fantastic results that night and it took me a good few nights to go out and find these exact people that I wanted to find and also to stay in contact with to do further shoots and also these people have become a friend to me and I am glad to have found these nice and very photogenic people.